MassMutual Prioritizes Employee Experience in their Intranet

It's no secret that engaged employees directly contribute to the revenue, sustainability, and overall health of a business. According to a report by Gallup1, compared with the average, a highly engaged organization can see 18% higher revenue per employee.

The team at MassMutual understands the criticality of a positive employee experience, and is meeting the challenge head on.

Watch this 30-minute webinar where you'll hear from Betsy Codding, Head of Internal Communications & Multimedia and Aly Chartoff, Head of HR Strategy & Planning, who, together with a larger steering committee, built and maintain a digital workspace that enables and empowers their employees to drive a culture of community and collaboration.

You'll hear about:
  • The cultural evolution at MassMutual, and the critical role the intranet plays
  • Favorite intranet features that help MassMutual employees develop meaningful relationships and have some fun at work
  • Some of the ways MassMutual has used the intranet to build inclusion and diversity

Watch now!

1Pendell, B. N. D. A. R. (2020, October 15). Culture Wins By Getting the Most Out of People. Gallup.Com.