A new ground-breaking report from Gartner gives us a glimpse into the future of our workplace. Traditional, corporate office spaces are growing increasingly sparse as employees are choosing instead to adopt a more remote, less scheduled, work lifestyle. Those of us interested in, or tasked with maintaining, digital workplace applications have an opportunity to make great strides, and Gartner has the information we need to make relevant and impactful choices.

We believe the report contains a detailed analysis about the two main trends for the future of work:

  • According to Gartner, "The future of work will be nomadic. The changing demographics of the digital workforce indicate that it will be tied less to physical offices and will require more support for virtual meetings." 
  • Per the Gartner report, "The future of artificial intelligence (AI) will be focused on augmenting digital workers. AI will automate repetitive tasks and connect workers to contextually relevant content."

Download the Gartner Report, Predicts 2020: Digital Workplace Applications Led by the New Work Nucleus, today.

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