A Direct Look at the Largest Generation in the U.S. Labor Force and its Fundamental Impact on the Modern Workplace

2019-millennial-manager-survey-cover.pngWhen it comes to the much-obsessed-about millennial generation, the numbers are impossible to deny.

  • By 2021, the millennial generation will make up 50% of the entire U.S. workforce.
  • By 2030, millennials will be 75% of the workforce.
  • Millennial turnover costs the economy $30.5 billion a year.
  • 75% of millennials believe that frequently changing jobs helps advance their careers.

To understand the needs of millennials in the rapidly changing workplace, Akumina commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 mid- to executive-level managers, ages 18-36. The result was new insights into the realities of millennial managers’ career journeys, challenges, and technology preferences.

Download this whitepaper to get answers to the following questions and more:

  • Is millennial job-hopping an effective strategy?
  • What perks are most important to millennials?
  • How do millennial values translate to managerial styles?

Download the Report, 2019 Millennial Manager Survey, to learn how to get started.