The workplace is changing. The tools that employees use are changing. The impact of multifaceted and accelerated change is becoming harder to predict. This is as true for office technology as it is for agricultural and mining technology. The digital workplace exists not only at a desk, but also in the cab of a tractor, the cabin of a space vehicle, and the table of a coffee shop.This report will discuss these key challenges and more:gartner-2.png

  • Organizations are struggling with changes in work norms, office technology and business models.
  • The process for deciding on internal workplace technology investments isn’t always clear.
  • The boundaries between technological and organizational domains are blurring, making design decisions more difficult.
  • Technology innovations are coming more rapidly, and deciding which are relevant to the organization, and how they fit, is complex.

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Gartner, Achieve Digital Workplace Application Success Through Enterprise Architecture, 7 December 2018, Jack Santos, Van Baker, Jim Murphy, Anne Thomas