The culture of an organization is a driving force behind employee effectiveness and retention (or turnover), and building a good one takes dedication. It is critial employees are engaged, which necessitates taking productivity barriers away, enabling borderless collaboration, and ensuring proactive and timely communications. 

We were all thrust into a fully remote workplace this year, which requires us to be smarter about how we work. This makes it even more critical to ensure that our teams can access the information they need, when they need it. Today, more than ever, making it easy for employees to do their jobs through effective communications and collaboration is critical to productivity and morale.

Watch the panel webinar, How the Right Digital Employee Experience Drives Engagement and Company Culture. Our speakers, Karen Viera of Church’s Chicken, Steve Bynghall, digital workplace expert, and Mike Gregory of BA Insight, discussed:

  • Why driving the right culture is critical for employees' productivity and effectiveness
  • Barriers to productivity in a digital workplace
  • Connecting employees to the knowledge they need to do their jobs
  • Getting more value out of existing applications and information
  • Eliminating redundant efforts through “findability” of information, and expertise without doing store-by-store searches
  • Identifying and celebrating moments that matter
  • How to unify systems to centralize and prioritize employee communications and collaboration
  • How Church’s Chicken uses their intranet to communicate with employees at all levels, around the globe

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