Creating a modern digital workplace is crucial for global enterprises. Hear featured guest speakers, Forrester’s David Johnson and ING’s Sander de Bruijn and Joris Kok along with Akumina’s David Maffei as they discuss what employee experience (EX) means in 2020 and the key traits of an effective EX initiative. Sander talks about what EX means to ING and how Agile scrum, lean start-up and service design principals are used to improve EX. Joris offers listeners an in-depth look at the blueprint used to create a personalized digital workplace for ING’s 70,000 global employees that shaped the company’s culture through improved productivity, collaboration, and communication while David Johnson compares and contrasts digital workplace journeys and discuss his research around the definition of what enhanced employee experience and engagement really means – specifically focusing on:

  • The importance of the C-suite relationship on the employee engagement journey
  • The gap between most corporate intranets and the needs of knowledge workers
  • From ING how their “Think Big. Start Small. Act Fast" ethos fueled the project
  • What the next 10 years should look like for EX-focused companies