On-Demand Webinar

Why User Experience Matters for Employees

Building an Employee-First User Experience

Featured Speakers:

Peter Ward,
CTO and Co-Founder, Soho Dragon

Troy Trudel,
Senior VP of Strategic Alliances, Akumina

It's no doubt that consumer-focused organizations like Amazon and Netflix have mastered the user experience for their customers, delivering personalized and relevant experiences to individual users based on preferences and behavior. With annual revenue well into the billions, putting UX at the forefront is clearly an effective strategy, so why isn't user experience prominent in the workplace?41webpic (1).png

Unfortunately, in the many workplaces, employees are equipped with a digital ecosystem of applications and systems that provide poor user experiences. The majority of systems that employees utilize to perform their job were built for desk-bound employees rarely taking into account the needs of an increasingly flexible and mobile workforce.

With employee engagement rates at a staggering 34%, organizations need to look beyond the native experience provided by the business system of record (i.e. SharePoint, Office365, etc.) and start building strategies that focus on providing improved user experiences tailored to the needs and expectations of their employees.

Join Akumina’s webinar, in partnership with SoHo Dragon, to explore:

  • What is user experience and how it impacts employees
  • UX issues with today's most common applications including SharePoint and Office 365
  • How to build strategies that focus on the experience of employees
  • How Akumina leverages TypeScript in its product development process and for customer widgets
  • Real-life case studies of organizations who are mastering UX for their employees

We hope you enjoy the webinar!