On-Demand Webinar

Typescript: Structured Development for Modern Portals

Developers should be using TypeScript.

Find out why!

Featured Speaker:

Scott Kearney,
VP of Innovation

Approaches for delivering today's modern portals are continually changing. While TypeScript has been out for a number of years, recent advancements have made it an integral part of structured development for today's modern portals.41webpic (1).png

This webinar discusses how TypeScript and JavaScript work together, and how to use each of them appropriately. You'll learn:

  • Advantages of using TypeScript if you are a JavaScript or .NET developer
  • How TypeScript works with DevOps
  • How TypeScript is automated in your ALM/Build processes
  • How Akumina leverages TypeScript in its product development process and for customer widgets
  • How some of Akumina's widgets benefit from TypeScript

Hear a detailed discussion highlighting the advantages of using TypeScript if you are a JavaScript or .NET developer.