On-Demand Webinar

Boston Red Sox: A Customer Journey

See how the Akumina platform has helped the Red Sox!

Featured Speaker:

Brian Shield,
VP Information Technology for the Boston Red Sox

Organizations are taking a wide variety of approaches to develop digital workplaces. The Boston Red Sox have faced challenges with changing technology, differing employee styles, and requirements to support a multitude of businesses in the US and abroad, and with all types of people—not to mention technology integrations!41webpic (1).png

Brian Shield, VP Information Technology of the Boston Red Sox, discusses the steps the Red Sox are taking to establish the foundation of a digital workplace that knocked it out of the park.

  • Red Sox Digital Workplace goals
  • Challenges they faced as an organization
  • How they addressed technological and people changes as part of this journey

Working with Akumina, the Red Sox created an immersive, mobile-first, and baseball game-oriented experience available to all employees—full time and seasonal—on any device and in any language.