On-Demand Webinar

Project-Based Collaboration for Office 365 Made Easy

Workspaces—A Connected & Brandable Experience for Project Collaboration.

Featured Speaker:

Troy Trudel,
Senior VP of Strategic Alliances, Akumina

Remove the complexity of employees needing to access multiple applications to collaborate on projects and get work done. Bring together all the discussions, tasks, milestones, and documents into a single pane of glass.41webpic (1).png

Akumina Workspaces, a cloud-based collaboration platform built on top of Microsoft Office 365 that provides the easiest and most efficient way to collaborate on a single-entity or project. Unlike other collaboration tools that focus on providing persistent open collaboration, Workspaces streamlines collaboration around a single entity providing users a connected experience to manage and collaborate on everything from a document, to an event, to patient care, to a construction project, and everything in-between./p>

Workspaces connects everything together into a single user experience, so users can work together in one place, real time without having to jump between multiple applications, chat tools and email to get work done!

Watch a deep dive demonstration into Workspaces and learn how to start transforming project collaboration across your organization and share inspiring real-world customer scenarios.