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In recent years, leading into recent months, the concept of “work” evolved. Work no longer refers to simply having a job, or even having a fulfilling career. For much of the global workforce, work is about being afforded the ability to achieve balance and make an impact. 

A new generation of employee has emerged. They are more driven, they crave a more immediate return on their investment, and they have incredibly ambitious standards. Today, meeting the threshold for a great employee experience requires more than it ever has. Organizations now need collaborative leadership, insightful data, and above all, best-in-class technology. 

Now especially, when remote work is more prevalent than not, and employees are clamoring for higher quality, more efficient technology, businesses around the globe need to be ready to step up. 

Nobody understands that better than Microsoft and Akumina, who together have pioneered a new class of tools analysts call Employee Experience Technology (EX Tech). As the idea of EX Tech grows and evolves, Microsoft Viva and the Akumina employee experience platform are anticipated to influence its trajectory. 

Join us to hear from our panel of industry experts who will discuss the shift from physical workplace to digital workspace, and the technology that makes it possible.  

Speakers will answer these questions and more. 

  • What is the emerging market of Employee Experience Technology (EX Tech)?  
  • What should organizations be looking at as part of their employee experience strategy?  
  • What is Microsoft Viva and what does it bring to the market?  
  • What predictions can we anticipate in 2021?