Whether you're embarking on a full intranet refresh or taking your existing modern intranet to the next level, there are several considerations that, when strategized ahead of time, can vastly improve your project's outcome. Even more importantly, addressing these issues transforms your intranet into a mechanism for advancing digital workplace initiatives, which are increasingly valuable as remote work continues to be supported. 

In Modern Intranet Top Practices, Gartner analyst Gene Phifer outlines the top three concerns that digital workplace leaders should plan for, and offers guidelines for addressing them.

  • Governance: Learn how to build the most effective governance team.
  • Content lifecycle process: Roll out processes for content generation, publishing, and archiving in the most orderly and timely fashion.
  • Intranet entry points: Enable users to consume intranet content from any available touchpoint.
Each of these issues can have significant impact on the success or failure of your project, and of the intranet adoption and engagement rates moving forward. Establishing, documenting, and abiding by a strategy that covers all three will go a long way towards ensuring the overall success of your intranet launch and ongoing maintenance. 

Download the Gartner report, Modern Intranet Top Practices, to learn how to get started.

Gartner, Modern Intranet Top Practices, Gene Phifer, 2 March, 2021