2020 has shown us that digital transformations needs to be a priority. Most of us were thrust into new, unfamiliar working environments. Some organization were more ready than others. With that said, the goal remained the same: Ensure employees have the right experience to be effective and productive in their roles. 

For many, a modern intranet / digital workplace is a gateway to achieving those goals. The challenge, is what should the strategy be and where do we begin?

Watch this on-demand webinar, Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast: Implementing the Right Digital Workplace. In this webinar, our speakers Dave Maffei, President of Akumina, and Brant Cline, Vice President of Strategic Solutions, of Blue Modus discussed:

  • Identifying your MVP
  • Identifying key stakeholders
  • Building a plan of action
  • Key integrations to consider
  • Launching your digital workplace