Exclusive Sneak Peek at Akumina’s 4.5 Release

Jason Arden HeadshotThis webinar gives customers and partners around the globe a sneak peek at the upcoming release of the Akumina Employee Experience Platform. Version 4.5 of the software, set for release this spring, is Akumina’s most ground-breaking and innovative release ever.

In this webinar, Jason Arden, Akumina’s VP of engineering, will demonstrate the new core anchors of the Akumina Platform, including:

  • Akumina’s new eXperience Builder: Akumina’s new X-Builder puts the power of creating new experiences in the hands of the business. From components, to pages, to full-blown sites, X-Builder allows users to create personalized and targeted experiences, bringing together the right set of components, content and workflows to create the most engaging experience for every user, regardless of device, or language.
  • Akumina’s new Persona Creator: Akumina’s new Persona Creator allows users to dynamically identify users and groups based on real-time attributes to ensure that user experience is highly targeted and highly personalized for them. No more one-size-fits-all experiences for your employees – target the right experience to the right user without needing development resources to make it come to life.
  • Akumina’s new Impersonation Engine: Every employee is different and every interaction with your employees is critical; ensuring you are delivering the right experience to each persona inside of your business is key. With Akumina’s new Impersonation Engine, know exactly what and how your users are going to consume the experiencers that have been created for them.
  • Akumina’s next-generation Run-time Support: Akumina customers need to be able to create experiences that are delivered to any medium – and in 4.5 users will be able to take full advantage of both SharePoint Classic and Modern frameworks for delivery as well as leverage Akumina’s headless approach, where users can focus on the most performant and scalable workplace experience for their organization without needing SharePoint in the run-time at all.

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