Maximize your Microsoft Teams investment

2020 was a year of resilience and creativity. As a leader for your business, you made tough decisions. You supported your team. You showed remarkable resolve. You persevered.

You got it done.

While you were focused on your business, we were focused on you. 2021 will be fueled with tech experiences powering all aspects of our lives. We’ve long-been accustomed to technology in our personal lives, but our professional technology has consistently lagged behind. In 2021, however, the businesses who succeed will be the ones who bring the tech innovation into their digital workplaces. We’ll see a flux of digital transformations, with leading organizations integrating the best of the best in the market to engage employees and help them do their best work.

Akumina is the glue that brings your work technologies together. Gone are the days of outdated, legacy company intranets and communication platforms with zero integration into the mission-critical systems that your employees need to do their jobs.

The Akumina cloud intranet with Intelligent Activity Streams serves as command central for your employees’ workday. With innovative two-way communication capability, employee engagement features, and access to all necessary systems, it is the ultimate productivity destination for your entire workforce. Not only can you send hyper-targeted and personalized messages and tasks to your team, but they can act on it without ever leaving your elegant and branded interface OR Microsoft Teams.

Finally - the Digital Workplace Hub you’ve been searching for to unite your workforce.



Samantha Kenney

Vice President Global Marketing, Akumina


David Maffei

President and Co-Founder, Akumina


Daniel O'Neil

Technical Account Manager, Akumina